Amazon Fresh Broomall Opened Today Minus the Checkout Lines


The second Amazon Fresh store in Pennsylvania opened Thursday morning, Sept. 8, at 2924 Springfield Road in Broomall, reports the 6abc digital staff.

The first customer in line received a $100 gift card while the first 250 customers got an Amazon Fresh tote bag. Other giveaways, discounts, and activities will take place throughout the weekend.

The Broomall store joins a sister store in Warrington, Bucks County but is the first to use the “Just Walk Out” system.

That means customers don’t have to bother with a checkout line.

At the store, cameras and artificial intelligence track your shopping selections and automatically charge you as you leave with your merchandise.

Customers just need an Amazon account and a more recent iPhone or Android.

“Anything you take off the shelf is automatically added to your virtual cart, and anything you put back on the shelf is removed from your virtual cart. At the end of your trip, simply walk out,” Amazon reported in a release on the new store.

The Broomall store offers an assortment of national and Amazon brands, including high-quality produce, meat, seafood and a range of prepared foods.

It is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Read more about the Amazon Fresh store in Broomall at 6abc.

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