Delaware County Ranks Near Top in Purchasing Power in PA

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Delaware County has ranked among the top ten in Pennsylvania in SmartAsset’s recently published eighth annual study on the places with the most purchasing power.

To find places where the average living expenses are most favorable to the people who live there, SmartAsset looked at the cost of living relative to income to determine the purchasing power in each county in Pennsylvania as well as across the country.

Delaware County ranked seventh in the state with a per capita income of $73,588 and a cost of living of $46,863. Its purchasing power index of 36.63 percent puts the county at No. 272 nationally.

Delaware County ranked fourth in per capita income, which is significantly higher than the state average of $61,700. The per capita income index of 26.31 percent placed the county among the top 150 in the nation at No. 131.

Meanwhile, the county also came in at No. 64 based on the cost of living, making it the county with the fourth-highest cost of living statewide. The average cost of living in Pennsylvania is $37,703. Nationally, the county came in at No. 2,977.

Nearby Chester County had a cost of living of $50,872. Montgomery County cost of living was $49,518.

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