Two Delaware County Zip Codes Among Top 30 Fastest Growing Rents in PA

A For Rent sign. Two Delaware County ZIP codes are among the fastest growing rents in Pennsylvania.

If you’re looking to rent, and you’re worried about the landlord raising rents you might want to skirt past two ZIP codes in Delaware County, according to a new ranking by Stacker.

Out of Delaware County ZIP Codes, 19063 (Media) ranked highest in fifth place with a one-year rent increase of 8.1 percent. The ZIP Code also recorded a five-year rent change of +24.3 percent.

Currently, the typical rent is $1,997, which is 23 percent above the typical rent in the Philadelphia metro area.

Next is 19083 (Havertown) with an increase of 7.1 percent over the last year, as well as a 46.7 percent rise over the last five years. The typical rent is currently at 1,885, or 16.1 percent above typical rent in Philadelphia.

Stacker compiled the list using data from Zillow. ZIP Codes are ranked based on the change in Zillow Observed Rent Index for all homes and apartments in the last year as of January 2021.

Across America, the cost of rents have skyrocketed since the start of the 21st Century.

One of the reasons is the overall decline in homeownership, which hit a peak of 66% in 2000.  There’s also less homes being built because of construction worker shortages.

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