Now Teachers Teammates Has a Home for All of Its Stuff, Thanks To Volunteers


Teachers Teammates finally has a home to call its own, reports Alicia Vitarelli for

The non-profit, which provides much-needed classroom supplies to area teachers, has new headquarters in a Folcroft warehouse.

Teachers Teammates has been storing donated materials in about five different places, including at President and founder Raelyn Harman’s Havertown home and garage.

But employee volunteers from the BHCU credit union recently spent a day creating a new space at the warehouse. They painted, built and organized the new space for the non-profit.

Teachers Teammates collects donated school supplies, than offers teachers in underserved schools an opportunity to “shop” for free four times a year for school supplies. The educators pay a $35 membership.  

A typical shopping order from a teacher can be worth $500 or more. The non-profit’s efforts mean teachers don’t have to pay out of pocket for the supplies.

Supplies run the gambit from notebooks and pencils to dry erase boards, books, decorations and headphones.

“This is like a fleet of angels that came to help us,” Harman says.

“We are only a year old and we have so many donations.. This is fantastic. We now have 3,000 square feet.”

Find out more at about Teachers Teammates’ new home.

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