Woodrose, Out of Villanova, Not Slowed by Pandemic: 2 Albums in a Year

Woodrose has cut 2 EP albums in a year, despite being separated by the pandemic
Image via Seamus Daniello.
Band members (from left to right) Michale Loparrino, Seamus Daniello and Chris Cruz. Image via Seamus Daniello

Villanova’s new indie rock band, Woodrose, is coming out of the pandemic strong, with two EP albums in a year’s time, writes Sara Hecht for The Villanovan.

Woodrose band members are Villanova University sophomores Michael Loparrino (“Lopo”) Seamus Daniello and Chris Cruz, all on guitar and piano.

Lopo plays bass with Daniello, who is the lead vocalist. Cruz sings on two tracks and co-writes with Daniello.

“We all met as freshmen,” Lopo said. “We all loved to play music together in the Good Counsel lounge, so it felt natural for us to become a band.”

Cruz and Daniello continued collaborative songwriting in lockdown. The band itself had to disperse temporarily when the pandemic shortened their freshman year.

The first EP was recorded in their homes during quarantine

“Chris and I would send recordings back and forth and call each other routinely to discuss the direction of the project. It was a very different approach to music creation but the most we could do during that time.”

The pandemic has also kept the band from live performance.

But it’s working on a new project, set to come out in Fall 2021. It’s also adding a drummer to their mix.

Read more at The Villanovan about Woodrose.

Check out Woodrose’s first single, “Counting Down the Days.”

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