COVID-19 Weekly Rates Continue to Drop in Delaware County

David Bjorkgren
COVID-19 testing in a state lab

The week of April 30 to May 6 saw COVID-19 weekly rates continue to go down in Delaware County.

This past week showed only 531 new cases, compared to 753 the week before. Four weeks ago, the county was experiencing weekly rates of 1,287 positive cases of COVID-19. The information comes from a 4-week summary provided by the Chester County Health Department.

The health department also released its most recent 4-week summary regarding COVID-19 testing in Delaware County. The positive PCR test count has also decreased this past week compared to previous weeks.

No COVID-19 county or municipal statistics, including the number of new cases and COVID-19 deaths over the weekend, were available from the Chester County Health Department.

For information and resources concerning the coronavirus, visit the county website here.

Pennsylvania data

The Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed as of noon, May 9, that there were 3,986 additional cases of COVID-19 statewide between Friday, May 7, the last date statistics were reported, and Sunday, May 9. Current statewide total COVID-19 cases are 1,173,664.

There were 49 additional COVID-19 deaths reported statewide between Friday, May 7, and Sunday, May 9. Total deaths statewide are now 26,543.

For more information on state COVID-19 findings, click here.