Broomall Grandparents Get To Hug Grandkids for First Time in Over a Year

David Bjorkgren

A year of isolation is creating some powerful reunions, with some powerful emotions, reports Alicia Vitarelli for

In Broomall, two fully vaccinated grandparents finally got to hug their four grandkids for the first time in a year.

Elaine and Bobby Subbio can see their daughter’s house just behind their home in Broomall.

Still, it has been a full year since they have seen their grandchildren face to face and a full year since they’ve hugged them.

“The first time in a year, it was emotional,” says Elaine Subbio of the moment she surprised her grandkids. “It reduces me to tears.”

Bobby Subbio of Broomall says it felt like 10 years.

“It was emotional to see those kids crying after the first time in a year,” he says. “It was emotional.”

“We know how much we love them, but you don’t realize how much they love us,” added Elaine.

The kids are already asking for sleepovers and Easter egg decorating, the family says.

And they told them, “one step at a time. Safety first.”

The Subbios have four other grandchildren.

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