Chester Heights Grandmom Makes Cooking Videos With Grandson

David Bjorkgren

Grandparents living at home with the family have had unique opportunities during the pandemic to spend a lot of quality time with their grandchildren, reports the 6abc staff at Morning Moms.

For some, that means quality time in the kitchen preparing favorite dishes.

Cindy McCord of Chester Heights is cooking up a storm with her grandson, Jimmy.

During their cooking time together, Jimmy is known as “Pasquale” and the two of them enjoy making cooking videos and posting them on YouTube.

McCord choose cooking as her activity with her grandson because her mother used to cook with her nephews.

She’s teaching Jimmy the cooking basics while sharing recipes.

So far, Jimmy’s favorite activity in the kitchen is cracking the eggs. His favorite thing to cook? Eggies.

Besides cooking, Jimmy also joins McCord and her husband singing and dancing. Both are professional musicians and run music classes on Facebook.

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