Delaware County Couple Happily Married 32 Years, 5 Years at a Time

Annmarie Kelly and Joseph Eagle at their first 1988 wedding. Image via the couple.

They met at a reiki share in 1985.

Annmarie, from Havertown; and Joseph, living in Drexel Hill, became friends, writes Kellie Patrick Gates for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Joseph floated the idea of marriage a year after they met.

Annmarie had come out of a rough engagement she though would end in marriage, so she was hesitant at first. Plus, she liked her independence and had goals to pursue.

They bought a house together.  Joseph was still eying marriage.

Annmarie came up with a unique solution.

They would marry for five years. If it worked out, they would marry for five more years, and so on.

This unique marriage plan requires a lot of emotional work, but it’s helped them build a relationship that keeps them saying “I do.”

Legally, Joseph, now 67, and Annmarie, in her 60s, have been married for 32  years.

Spiritually, the couple says, they are about two years into their seventh marriage.

Every five years, since the first wedding in 1988, they talk for eight weeks about what went right, what went wrong, and how to fix the problems.

Then they set personal and relationship goals for the next five years.

Read more about this unique marriage here.

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