All Riders Up in Garnet Valley Offers Horseback Riding as Therapy for Those Suffering Trauma

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All Riders Up in Garnet Valley provides equine-facilitated psychotherapy for people living with all types of trauma, such as veterans living with PTSD, writes writes Laura Brzyski for the Philadelphia Magazine.

It is one of 17 fitness studios and athletic organizations in the region that have disability-friendly programs.

For the last 11 years, All Riders Up has been providing horseback riding for people ages 4 through 74.

“We offer each rider the chance to ‘take the reins’, becoming an active partner in directing their equine experience,” reads a statement on the All Riders Up website.

Lessons are customized to suit individual needs, goals, and learning styles in a peaceful, no pressure atmosphere.

All Riders Up is set on 12 acres of pastures in a fairly residential area, which gives riders and their family a comfortable and relaxing environment that feels right at home.

The facility also offers a sensory trail and a hydraulic lift to transfer students from their wheelchair to a horse.

Other nearby studios or organizations that offer adaptive and assisted fitness and sports programs include West Chester University and Yoga Home in Conshohocken.

Read more about All Riders Up at the Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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