Villanova-Based Blogger Behind Successful Fashion Brand Launches Clothing Line

Image of Lindsey Renninger Schuster and her four boys via Savvy Main Line.

Lindsey Renninger Schuster, a former teacher at Mary C. Howse Elementary School in West Chester and the blogger behind the successful The MotherChic brand, has started a new fashion line, writes Caroline O’Halloran for Savvy Main Line.

Schuster, 37, a Berwyn native, started her blog four years ago. Now, it’s a full-time job with two employees, including a nanny for her four boys.

She now has 800,000 weekly visits to her blog, as well as 412,000 Facebook followers and 90,000 on Instagram. Over the last year, her readers have placed around 200,000 orders to affiliated retailers.

Her clothes are also now available at retailers such as Nordstrom and Macy’s, and she has moved into a stylish headquarters in Villanova.

“It has everything I would want in my house, but can’t, because my boys would destroy it,” she said.

Nine months ago, the clothing brand Gibson asked her to create her own clothing line. With the help of her sister Abby, who studied fashion design at Drexel, the designs were ready.

Read more about Lindsey Renninger Schuster at Savvy Main Line here.

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