Soccer for Success Helps Kick Chester’s Bad Habits


By instilling confidence, hard work, teamwork, and goal-oriented achievement, Chester Upland Soccer for Success is helping Chester kids kick bad habits. Image via the Huffington Post.

In its fourth year, Chester Upland Soccer for Success is scoring goals against the state’s “most dangerous city to live in.”

“We truly believe we provide a tremendous program that is impacting kids here in Chester and the greater community,” said Founding Executive Director Brent Jacquette in a Huffington Post report by Louis Bolling.

“We’ve had over 1,500 participants in four and a half years. We’ll have 550 in this academic year alone. We’re in every single school. We’re in the Boys and Girls Club.”

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And out of that sweeping presence, 72 percent of Soccer for Success participants now think it helps them avoid anti-social behavior.

“Students, as you can see, are actively engaged; they’re coming together,” said Lavada Greene during the recent Soccer for Success play day. “It’s just a good time for them to learn about the sport of soccer and also learn different values that will aid them in life.”

Soccer for Success helps kids “build confidence and recognize the value of hard work, teamwork, and persistence in achieving personal goals,” the article explained.

Read more about the program and its successes from the Huffington Post here.

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