DELCO.Today Celebrates Delaware County’s Quality of Life and Economic Diversity

Ken Knickerbocker
DELCO Today will begin charging readers a nominal fee for access to the treasure trove of content in its archives.

Today, May 2nd, marks the official debut of DELCO.Today, a web-based NewsHub telling Delaware County’s story of commercial prosperity, diverse cultural opportunities, and community involvement every day.

DELCO.Today celebrates Delaware County’s quality of life and economic health by publishing short, concise, easy-to-read summaries about the events that shape the county. The site aims to drive Delco’s economic development and redefine what it means to live and work here, the fifth most populous county in Pennsylvania and the third most compact.

The stories on DELCO.Today will keep Delaware County’s leaders, executives, innovators, lenders, lawyers, investors, recruiters, entrepreneurs, retailers and managers informed, engaged, and connected.

Why PIVOT? The name celebrates Delaware County pivoting away from its reputation as just an extension of Philadelphia, touts the county as an individual entity and underscores the County’s key role in the Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania’s economy.

Developed with the assistance of Delaware County Commerce Center and Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, DELCO.Today is owned and operated by American Community Journals, LLC.

Ken Knickerbocker grew up in Collingdale and flipped hambergers for the 69th Street McDonald's when he was teenager.
Ken Knickerbocker grew up in Collingdale and flipped hamburgers at the 69th Street McDonald’s when he was a teenager.

American Community Journals is the brainchild of Ken Knickerbocker, a Collingdale native and lifelong resident of the Delaware Valley. ACJ also publishes VISTA.Today (Chester County) and MONTCO.Today (Montgomery County).

The mission of all three online business journals is to help readers grow their business, advance their career, expand their professional network, and fully appreciate their community.

“Each journal focuses on delivering a steady, timely, and credible stream of business and economic news, job postings, and business or cultural events,” said Knickerbocker. “Its audience are the adults who are leading, financing, developing, managing, or simply working in the area.”

Each journal’s publishes 3 to 5 daily news stories about deals struck, products announced, partnerships formed, services offered, developments created, milestones achieved, awards received, buildings built, innovations launched, recognitions heralded, resources conserved, and projects financed; the threads that weaves communities together and provides a platform for continued economic prosperity.

The format of PIVOT, VISTA, and MONTCO offers readers the look and feel of a big-city news site but with a laser-like focus on the county’s business and cultural scene. They avoid longform journalism, opting instead for succinct stories that can be read in 30-seconds or less, with easily clickable links to past stories and other sites, should the reader wish to learn more.

We want to hear from you. If you have a tip or story idea, please e-mail or call 610.256.9571.