Choolaah Eatery Serves Favorite Ice Cream for Region’s South Asian Community

Choolaah Kulfi.
Image via Choolaah.

Montgomery County is home to one of the few eateries in the Philadelphia region that serve kulfi, a favorite ice cream for the local South Asian community, writes Hira Qureshi for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

With kulfi, unlike with ice cream, there is no churning performed in the preparation process. The making of the traditional South Asian kulfi begins with boiling milk. This reduces its water content and prevents crystallization. Then after being frozen, the resulting product is incredibly creamy and has a distinct taste of the fruits and nuts used to flavor it.

“Ice cream has more airiness — kulfi is more dense and more fruity,” said Rakesh Ramola, owner-chef of Indeblue.

If you would like to try some of this delicious dessert, head to Choolaah in King of Prussia. The counter-serve eatery offers malai kulfi as a dessert to finish your build-your-own bowl or wrap on a high note.

The mouthwatering, smooth kulfi is made in the commissary of the chain. It is infused with green cardamom for the perfect taste.

A 3.6-ounce container of gluten-free kulfi costs $3.28.

Read more about the South Asian ice cream kulfi and about Choolaah in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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