Broomall Twins Take Penn State’s THON Fundraiser Personally

Lexi Murphy-Costanzo joins a group photo promoting fundraising for THON
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Lexi Murphy-Costanzo joins a group photo promoting fundraising for THON

For identical twin sisters Lexi and Liv Murphy-Costanzo of Broomall, participating in Penn State’s annual THON fundraiser is a deeply personal decision, writes Susan Snyder for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 46-hour THON dance marathon raises money for pediatric cancer research and support. This year’s THON raised $219 million.

When the sisters were Marple Newtown High students, they ran a mini-THON after a close friend was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

When they were seniors, their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

 “It’s a major reason they chose to attend Penn State,” said their mother, Eileen Murphy, principal of Cardinal O’Hara High School.

Murphy has been cancer-free for four years.

The Murphy-Costanzo sisters have been involved with THON every year since starting at Penn State.

This year, Lexi, a psychology major, is the THON communications director; and Liv, a corporate innovation and entrepreneurship major, is rules and regulations fund-raising safety director.

“Being a THON volunteer has really made my college experience,” Lexi said. “It has connected me with so many other students with a similar mission. You learn the stories of so many children and families impacted by childhood cancer.

Read more about Lexi and Liv Murphy –Costanzo in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Enjoy this 2023 Penn State THON weekend wrap-up.

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