Green Comet a Good Omen for Eagles? Some Fans Think So


A green comet that has entered our region of space is a good omen for the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of Sunday’s NFC championship game, say some fans.

The comet, called C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is hurtling through space at 128,000 miles per hour and is passing near the Earth for the first time in almost 50,000 years, writes Tom Avril for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

 “You could say this Eagles run was written in the stars,” said astronomer John Bochanski, an associate professor at Rider University who went to Villanova University.

For astronomers like Ed Guinana, a Villanova University professor of astronomy and astrophysics, the comet is of interest to astronomers because it’s mostly intact, having traveled less frequently toward the sun.

 “This comet is kind of pure,” Guinan said. “It gives us a look back into the early solar system.”

Guinan and Bochanski are fully behind the Birds, but point out that in the past comets were considered bad omens.

“Because the Birds are doing well and it’s colored green, I like to think it’s a sign of good things to come,” Bochanski said.

Read more about the green comet that may be a lucky omen for the Philadelphia Eagles in  The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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