Lansdowne Native, Indie Rock Veteran Reaches No. 1 on Billboard Chart

Photo of Kurt Vile courtesy of Flagpole Magazine.

Lansdowne native Kurt Vile has spent decades steadily climbing the U.S. charts and a single from his latest album, b’lieve I’m goin down … , is now No. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Alternative chart, writes Adam Clair for Flagpole Magazine.

Compared to his earlier works, the album that came out in 2015 is a more-polished effort for the indie rocker and Penn Wood High School graduate, and its sales reflect it.

The single “Pretty Pimpin” is his first No. 1, and marks a tangible milestone for the singer and songwriter known for his laconic sound and wry lyricism.

“That never happened to me before,” said Vile. “I have seen my fans change on this record. We’ve had to make some crew adjustments and become more professional.”

Success comes from the development of his career. While he watched other musicians catapult to stardom overnight, he was determined not to change his course.

“I can see I’ve been doing it longer than most of those people, and put out more songs than most of those people,” he said. “I just kind of steady do my thing.”

Read more about Kurt Vile’s career and his latest No. 1 success in Flagpole Magazine by clicking here.

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared Feb. 2, 2017.

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