Erin Dolan Works for ESPN but has Her Sports Roots in Delco

Erin Dolan
Image via Play Pennsylvania.
Erin Dolan

Erin Dolan hasn’t forgotten where she came from on her rise to ESPN stardom. The Cardinal O’Hara grad says it’s important that audiences know she grew up in Media, writes Corey Sharp for Play Pennsylvania.

“It’s so interesting to me that people enjoy rooting for teams where they’re not from. I’m not that type of person. If you grow up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, you’re a Philadelphia sports fan in general. You’re very much opinionated, a diehard,” she said.

Dolan worked for PHL 17, PointsBet, and FanDuel before becoming a national figure as a sports betting analyst at ESPN.

Dolan always loved sports and gravitated toward being a physical therapist for a sports team.

Then she discovered journalism and decided she wanted to be a sports talent on TV.

She graduated Penn State in 2018, the same year sports betting became legal outside Nevada.

That opened doors. Now she’s loving the sports betting aspect of the industry.

 “I get so excited about stats. I genuinely love waking up and looking up things and trying to find a really cool edge. It takes so much time, so much research and if I didn’t love it, there’s no way I could do it.”

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Erin Dolan weight in on Raiders vs. Vikings in her Aug. 14 segment on ESPN.

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