Four Delaware County Immaculata Graduates Recognized for Outstanding Academic Achievements

Cleo Hoey
Cleo Hoey.

Recent graduates of Immaculata University were recognized for their outstanding academic achievements during the 2021-2022 academic year.

The student is listed below with his/her hometown and name of the award/medal received.

Chester County:

Olive Monye of Coatesville: The John Reilly Medal for Accounting

Ilyse Gorman of Phoenixville: The Wendall P. MacIntosh Medal for Chemistry

Margarita Barnes of Paoli: The Sister Maria Josita Feighan, IHM Medal for Nursing

Sean Rowe of Coatesville: The Major Frank G. Hartleroad Medal for Criminology/Criminal Justice

Cristina O’Brien of West Chester: The Loyola Medal for Theology

Delaware County:

Sheridan Hedrick of Folsom: Jennifer Worley Onder ’94 Educational Annual Award

Cleo Hoey of Brookhaven: Jennifer Worley Onder ’94 Educational Annual Award AND The Sister Eugenie Kenney Medal for Education

Angelica Cade of Broomall: The Reverend Robert T. Riddle Medal for History

Emma Markley of Ridley Park: The Reverend John H. Walsh Medal for Psychology

Montgomery County:

Sydnie Panetta of Royersford: The Adeline E. Donio Medal for Biology

Margaret Murtha of Pottstown: The Sister Marian William Hoben Medal for English