Meridian Bank Exhibits Limited-Edition Artwork from One of Its Customers, a Globetrotting Photographer

Images via Shea Winter Roggio.
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at the Meridian Bank Paoli branch is exhibiting limited-edition artwork from one of its customers, a local artist and photographer whose work includes portraits of presidents and celebrities and photo assignments promoting global humanitarian efforts.

When Shea Winter Roggio walked into his local Meridian Bank branch, he noticed a 22-foot wall that was stark and empty, and it brought to mind the motto of his new e-commerce art business: Empty Walls Need Love.

“I reached out to the marketing team at the bank and proposed putting some artwork on their wall,” said Roggio, a Malvern native who earned a degree in photography at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. “Part of what I do is to market to businesses that have lobbies and reception areas and introduce artwork we have that’s welcoming and engaging. Meridian was all for the idea, and I love the fact that they are willing to support local artists and had no hesitation or reservations about it.”

As the head of photography for a souvenir photography company in Dubai for several years, Roggio traveled the world on photo assignments. He has also had assignments to snap photos of three former presidents, as well as celebrities like Bradley Cooper. When the pandemic hit, however, the business was shut down, and Roggio was out of a job.

When he returned to his home in Phoenixville, he decided to invest his time in an online business he named Winter Museo, which he planned as a go-to destination for art lovers in search of eye-catching posters and limited-edition art prints.

“I came back to the U.S. in 2021 and wanted to create a business that could profit on everyone shifting working from home, where people would be willing to spend extra to upgrade their living spaces,” he said.“What I do is find artists or commission artists to create these posters for the website, trying to create a business synergy with what I learned in Dubai about high-volume sales, and to balance that with the fine-art-collector mindset that is looking for something that’s more one-of-a-kind.”

For the Meridian Bank exhibit, Roggio has installed travel prints of his own and those of Chris Crisman, another local photographer with a national reputation who contributes to what Roggio calls the “collective of creators” at Winter Museo.

The Meridian Bank branch where Roggio’s art is exhibited is also his neighborhood bank, where he has been a long-time, satisfied customer.

“I’ve found that the Meridian team consistently goes above and beyond in responding to customer needs,” he said. “Depending on the urgency of any question, I may submit a ticket on their website, via e-mail, or call the bank directly, and no matter which line of communication is chosen, they have excellent and prompt support.”

Roggio hopes the Meridian exhibit will funnel customers to his website, where the inventory of limited-edition, hand-signed art for purchase includes prints of nature, musical instruments, portraits of famous artists and philosophers, and contemporary art. And especially in this time of the pandemic, Roggio expects that his collection of travel artwork — including national park prints and maps of iconic cities, countries, and islands — will appeal to those adventurous souls who yearn to travel again but are not yet ready to make the commitment.

His advice?

“If you need to see a city but can’t get away due to COVID, just buy the art.”

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