Delaware County Artist and Designer Explores Artistic Influences in Memoir

George and collector Nancy Warner at Main Line Art Center at Retrospective opening on Friday Sept. 11.

How important is DNA in the development of an individual as opposed to the teachings he or she receives throughout one’s life?

 Click here to find out.

Delaware County artist George Rothacker addresses this essential question and other aspects of his personal development as he takes you on a 50-year artistic journey from childhood to a lifetime in the profession of art, design and creative thinking.

His memoir, The Diverse Artistic Universe of George H. Rothacker: A Memoir with Pictures ($19.95 on Amazon) offers the reader a glimpse into the influences of his two artistic parents, and maternal grandmother who strove to elevate her family beyond the working classes.

It also provides a portfolio of the development of the artist/writer’s own work, and the insights into the choices he made, as well as the people and circumstances who guided him throughout his career.

Since 1978, George Rothacker has owned Rothacker Advertising & Design in Media, a firm specializing in creating coordinated marketing campaigns using print and multimedia.

As a writer, photographer and film editor, he has published and produced New York in the 1930s, a book written in conjunction with the gallery show of the same name.

He’s also produced numerous documentaries, including:

  • America in Black & White and Many Colors, a documentary of discrimination and diversity in the United States;
  • Words of the Heart, the story of abolitionist Thomas Garrett and Garrett’s great-grand niece Dorothy Biddle James who both fought for human rights throughout their lives;
  • His most recent documentary is a biography of the actor Jimmy Stewart, entitled Always Be Nice to People, commissioned by the James Stewart Foundation and narrated by Stewart’s daughter Kelly.

In the course of his career George has received numerous awards and honors for his work locally and nationally with his paintings, designs and illustrations appearing in:

  • the New York Illustrators Annual;
  • The Baltimore Sun;
  • Philadelphia Magazine;
  • The New York Times;
  • the Japanese Illustrators Annual

In 2019, George published his first novel, Singularity 1.0, the first of a planned trilogy of books about the future of humans, AI and technology spanning the years from 2029 to 2056.

Singularity 2.0, the second in the series, has just been released and available from Amazon in paperback for $24.95 each or a Kindle version at $8.95. Singularity 3.0 will be published by the holidays.



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