Washington Post: With Trade Jobs Lucrative, Williamson Sees a Revival

Carpentry student Jose Santos Jr. takes measurements.
IMage via Saquan Stimpson, Hechinger Report.
Jose Santos Jr. is a carpentry student at the Williamson College of the Trades in Media.

Williamson College of the Trades in Media has had a resurgence owing to a shortage of workers and a need for tradesmen, writes Jon Marcus for The Washington Post.

As high school seniors question the value of a four-year college degree, many are attracted to the lower debt and shorter training time to learn a trade.

That’s good news for the Williamson College of the Trades in Media, which is currently training 265 low-income young men in carpentry, masonry, machine tooling, and power-plant technology.

“If you look at where the jobs are, the sweet spot is an associate’s degree with a focus on the trades,” said Michael Rounds, a former Army lieutenant colonel who is Williamson’s president.  

The Williamson College of the Trades’ endowment has grown to $128 million. Students who qualify spend three years on campus earning an associate’s degree in a trade, at no cost to themselves.

Labor shortages are being seen in fields like construction, transportation, and logistics.

At a November job fair at the school, 114 employers turned out, more than the number of graduating seniors.

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