Statue of Mary Rescued From St. Cyril’s Now Inspires Others in Upstate PA

Andrea DiNunzio (left and Angela Wood with St. Cyril Church's statue of Mary.
Image via Jim Wood.
Andrea DiNunzio (left and Angela Wood with St. Cyril Church's statue of Mary.

A beloved statue of Mary that once adorned the property at the former St. Cyril of Alexandria church and school in East Lansdowne now sits restored atop a mountain in Pennsylvania, writes Gina Christian for Catholic Philly.

The statue broke in two and was rescued by sisters Angela Wood and Andrea Di Nunzio when they found it amongst the rubble at St. Cyril’s last July.

The statue was damaged when construction crews were refurbishing the building, which the Philadelphia Archdiocese put up for sale after its parish merged with St. Philomena eight years ago.

Wood recalled praying before the statue in school to fight off anxiety.  

“I was having flashbacks of me just looking up at her and begging her for help,” said Wood. “And it worked. With each year, I felt stronger and better.”

The two sisters worked with family members to glue the statue back together.

A few weeks ago, they relocated Mary to their Pennsylvania mountain home.

The statue is placed so that passing motorists will see her for inspiration. It will be resurfaced and painted in the spring.

Above all, Angela said, the rescued statue provides “a feeling of comfort.”

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