Chestnut Hill College Students Gain Business Expertise From Vanguard’s Former CEO

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Images via Chestnut Hill College.
Former Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb speaks to Chestnut Hill College students as part of the Business Lecture Series.
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Chestnut Hill College offers for its Business Students, both traditional (SUS) and nontraditional (Accelerated Adult Degree Program) the ability to participate in the Business Lecture Series. 

Recently, Bill McNabb, former CEO, Vanguard, spoke to a packed room of business students and discussed financial literacy and the ABCs of investing.

“He discussed leadership skills and the importance of both having a mentor and mentoring others,” said Rita K. Borzillo, Esquire, Assistant Professor & Chair of Business, Chestnut Hill College.

There was an energetic Q&A session wherein students questioned Bill McNabb on the pros and cons of penny stocks, bitcoins, the best ways to invest, and when to begin investing.

Bill McNabb, former CEO, Vanguard, spoke to a packed room of business students at Chestnut Hill College.
Bill McNabb, the former CEO of Vanguard, speaks to students at Chestnut Hill College.

Bill McNabb spent time both prior to the event and after the event to meet with students and answer their questions. 

He also recommended that the students read “More Straight Talk on Investing” by Jack Brennan. 

Five Brennan books were raffled off as prizes to students.

The March Business Lecture Series will host Marcus Allen, CEO, Independence Bigs. Marcus will discuss his personal journey as a first-generation student as well as the leadership skills necessary in today’s environment.

Chestnut Hill College’s Business Lecture Series brings business and government leaders to campus to connect with students, faculty, administrators, and members of the business community.

Lecturers discuss lessons learned and provide insight into current business issues. The general format is a presentation followed by questions and answers.

The lectures foster collaboration, interaction, and career contacts for students pursuing careers in all aspects of the business. 

All lectures are free and open to the public.