‘Queen of Delco’ Offers Mental Health Message After Facebook Absence


Fans have been following Troy Hendrickson and his alter –ego “Aunt Mary Pat,” the “Queen of Delco” on Facebook for four years. But during most of the pandemic, he disappeared. Last Wednesday, he explained why reports Dan Cuellar for 6abc.com.

“Over the past year I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression, and I’m sure a lot of people are in similar boats,” Hendrickson said in an emotional video.

Hendrickson lost his source of income during lockdowns and was isolated at home.

“So I really started to kind of panic and I had a severe anxiety attack on Thanksgiving Day last year. I never experienced that before in my life,” Hendrickson told Action News.

A significant uptick in anxiety and depression has been seen in the pandemic, says clinical psychologist Dr. Thea Gallagher.

The good news is the pandemic is reducing stigma around mental health so more are seeking help.

Hendrickson said he got help and is back performing as Aunt Mary Pat, the Queen of Delco.

“You have to talk to somebody, you have to talk about it. It’s the only way you could ever get help with it,” he said.

Hendrickson has an upcoming holiday tour planned.

Read more at 6abc.com about Troy Hendrickson.

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