An Old Delco Friend Makes Philadelphia Inquirer List of Best Philly Burgers


An order of Charlie's Hamburgers in Folsom.
Image via Tim Tai, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

So The Philadelphia Inquirer’s restaurant staff writers got together and decided where the best burgers in Philly are. We’re talking Jillian Wilson, Craig LaBan and Michael Klein.

Despite their best efforts to keep it in the city, one 80-plus-year Delaware County burger joint had to be on the list.

Charlie’s Hamburgers in Folsom.

The writers describe Charlie’s Hamburgers as a “Delco throwback to elemental slider comfort that dates to 1935.”

Charlie’s, they say, is a reluctant holdout to the in burger of now, “whatever ‘in’ might be at the time.” Things like truffle-topped burgers, crab-topped burgers.

Not at Charlie’s. It’s an old-school griddle creating greasy, beefy little patties, crumbly burgers put inside griddle-crisped buns.

The special combos, The Bunny, Charlie’s, and Peg, have survived the shop’s relocation from a corner of Kedron Avenue to its current address, a shopping strip at 237 E. MacDade Blvd. “and not lost one ounce of their charm.”

About a mile from the old location, it moved in April 2019 when owner Tim Blackburn bought Charlie’s Hamburgers from his stepfather, Steve McDonald.

The only other change: you can get fries now.

Burger prices at Charlie’s ranges from $3 to $7.

Read more at The Philadelphia Inquirer about Philly’s best burgers, as determined by the Inquirer restaurant review team.

In an April 2021 Goat Food Challenge, the trick was to eat 26 Charlie’s Hamburgers in an hour. Check out the video.

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