Villanova University Looks at How to Sustain Its Campus in the Next Decade

David Bjorkgren
Image via Villanova University.

Villanova University has a new plan to sustain itself in the next decade, environmentally, socially, economically and academically, writes Taleen Postian for The Villanovan.

The plan comes from the Villanova Sustainability Leadership Council created in 2018.

Its five committees focused on a different part of sustainability, following the 2017 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Here’s what they came up with:

  • An interdisciplinary academic institute to explore sustainability options
  • A plan for more campus biodiversity
  • A student meal donation program

The hope is to achieve the plan’s goals by 2030.

Freshman Patrick Carney is getting the ball rolling this semester with a petition to eliminate the use of Styrofoam containers in the dining halls, replacing them with biodegradeable alternatives in the spring.

Other goals include supplying 50 percent of the campus with regional hydroelectric power from renewable sources and eliminating single-use plastic sales on campus.

“I am very happy with the start which Villanova has laid on the table,” Carney said. “However, I believe this plan has to be carried out and cannot be withdrawn or altered in a manner that sets us back.”

Read more at The Villanovan about Villanova University’s sustainability plan.

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