Villanova University Examines Inequality and Poverty With Goal of Finding Public Policy Solutions

Villanova students and faculty at a Habitat for Humanity project. Image via

Villanova University is tackling poverty, with help from a $1 million gift from two alumni, reports

Paul A. Tufano and Christine Tufano are contributing to an interdisciplinary initiative studying the intersection of poverty and inequality.

Paul Tufano is chairman and executive officer of the AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies in Philadelphia. He’s also a former chair of Villanova’s Board of Trustees.

“Paul and Christine personify the very best of Villanova — people who have achieved extraordinary personal and professional success, and have used that success to serve others,” said the Augustinian Peter M. Donohue, university president.

Villanova has named adjunct professor Stephanie Sena as the initiative’s inaugural Fellow.  Sena is founder and director of the Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia, a non-profit that helps homeless find shelter, food, housing and community.

The initiative goal is to address systemic issues of inequality that can lead to poverty.

Public policy solutions are needed to address the public health crisis, the economic distress to the working poor, as well as a “national reckoning on racism and racial disparities,” Paul Tufano said.

He and Christine hope to raise public consciousness and, with Villanova, create momentum for innovative solutions.

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