CNN: FAA Clears Boeing’s 737 Max to Fly Passengers Again


The Federal Aviation Administration has cleared Boeing’s 737 Max to again carry passengers once modifications, maintenance and inspections are performed on the planes, writes Chris Isidore for CNN Business.

The planes were grounded for 20 months following two fatal crashes. Planes will be back on flight schedules in a few weeks to a few months.

The FAA’s news caused Boeing stock to rise 6 percent in premarket trading Nov. 18.

The crashes were caused by a safety feature to keep the plane from climbing too fast and stalling. Instead, it forced the nose of the plane down.

Grounding the fleet cost Boeing more than $20 billion.

“The path that led us to this point was long and grueling,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson in a video statement. “But we said from the start that we would take the time necessary to get this right. We were never driven by a timeline, but rather following a methodical and deliberate safety process. During this time FAA employees diligently worked on the fixes that were necessary.”

The FAA order only applies to U.S. domestic flights for 72 planes operated by American, United and Southwest.

Read more about the FAA approval of the Max 737 at CNN Business.

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