77-Year-Old Inmate at Chester Prison Facility Succumbs to COVID-19

Image via cor.pa.gov.

A 77-year-old prisoner has died of COVID-19 at the State Correctional Institute at Chester.

The unnamed prisoner tested positive for the virus after he was hospitalized Oct. 25 for unrelated issues, writes Kathleen E. Carey for the Daily Times.

He died Monday at a local unnamed hospital.

The man entered the prison system May 29, 1974, serving a life sentence for first degree murder.  He had been at the Chester facility since Oct. 9, 1998.

“With fall upon us, we are experiencing a resurgence,” said Pennsylvania Corrections Secretary John Wetzel, referring to the coronavirus. “That is why it is vital to continue our aggressive mitigation efforts. We cannot let our guard down.”

As of Tuesday, state officials reported 82 inmates out of the 1,000 held at the facility have COVID-19. They are in isolation at the prison infirmary or at local hospitals.

Also, 79 SCI Chester employees have tested positive, with 62 having active cases. They are isolating at home until cleared by a doctor.

Positive inmates ae separated from others and the prison is deep cleaned.

The Chester inmate was the 16th state correctional inmate with COVID to die.

Read more about the first COVID-19 death at SCI Chester in the Daily Times.

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