Amidst Villanova Campus Life This Time of Year, There are Ghost Stories

The Villanova campus on an overcast rainy fall day. Image via The Villanovan.

Villanova University, founded in 1842, has a lot of history on its campus.

Where there’s history and historic buildings, there’s ghost stories, writes Elena Rouse for The Villanovan.

Several students say they’ve experienced paranormal activity.

St. Mary’s Hall is one of the oldest and most notoriously eerie buildings on campus.

In a 2009 Villanovan article, students reported hearing odd sounds like someone swimming in the pool or an organ playing when no one was there.

Then there’s Alumni Hall. The building was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers when the campus closed during the Civil War.

A former student reported suffering from a sleep paralysis in Alumni Hall, like he was being choked, but couldn’t move.

Hand dryers also turned on randomly in the bathroom.

“I don’t really believe in that stuff, but there were some weird things that happened to me in that building,” the student said.

Read more about the university’s ghost stories in The Villanovan here.

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