The Future of Villanova’s Campus: Officials Highlight Suggested/Planned Building Projects

David Bjorkgren
Rendering of the proposed expansion at the Center for Engineering Education and Research. Image via Villanova University.

Villanova University officials presented a main campus project update and wish list last week, writes Richard Ilgenfritz for the Main Line Times.

Christopher Kovolski, who oversees the government and community relations for Villanova, described it as a mix of projects it is moving forward with as well as those still in the planning or funding stages.

The following projects were named:

  • Expanding the Center for Engineering Education and Research.
  • New locker rooms and renovated snack bar for the football stadium.
  • Falvey Memorial Library renovations to level out uneven flooring.
  • Saint Mary’s Hall renovations.
  • Carriage House, mansion, driveway upgrades—The Inn at Villanova.
  • New wing for Tolentine Hall, with a parking lot conversion to an indoor courtyard or gathering area.
  • Bank building renovation for office space after December 2021.
  • Rerouting Aldwyn Lane to come out on Spring Mill instead of at the Lancaster Avenue intersection.

Additional campus parking would also be added.

“None of these plans envision an increase in undergraduate enrollment,” Kovolski said. “Our enrollment has remained steady for the past two decades, but the township’s codes include provisions that whenever you add space, you have to add parking.”

Read more about upcoming plans for the Villanova campus here.

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