Delco Tries to Get Former Pro WWE Wrestler “The Rock” Johnson’s Attention on Behalf of Media Girl’s Wish

Lily Chung, front, is shown with her parents So and Ashleigh Chung of Media. Image via submitted photo to Daily Times.

Lily Chung of Media really wants to meet former pro WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, writes Peg DeGrassa for Daily Times.

Lilly, daughter of So and Ashleigh Chung, is a student at Rose Tree Elementary School. She was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

After getting her hair shaved for treatment, Lily told her mother her dream was to meet The Rock so they can “get their heads shined together.”

The Delco Live team of Chris Holbrook, Al Zaffiri, and Jim McElhone have created the Delco Wrestling Challenge, encouraging residents to post videos to social media to get The Rock’s attention.

“We don’t really have any way to contact The Rock,” Holbrook stated, “But I know someone out there does. The Delco Wrestling Challenge is a way to get this message in the hands of the ‘Most Electrifying Man’ in sports entertainment.”

The hope is that, similar to the ice bucket challenge for ALS a few years back, the videos campaign will go viral.

So far, videos have together reached close to 50,000 people.

Video posters can use the hashtag #delcochallenge and tag Delco Live. More information is at the Delco Live Facebook page.

Read more about the Delco Wrestling Challenge here.

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