Media Resident, President of International Trade Organization Opposes Trump’s Proposed Tariffs

Image of Karen Giberson via Charles Fox, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Media resident Karen Giberson – president of the Accessories Council, the New York-based nonprofit international trade organization that drives global consumer awareness and demand for fashion accessory products – is not happy with the Trump Administration’s proposed trade tariffs on goods made in China, writes Elizabeth Wellington for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

On behalf of the council’s members, Giberson filed a request to testify at a public hearing in opposition to $200 billion in retaliatory duties that President Donald Trump has proposed on a range of Chinese exports, including handbags, other small leather goods, items fashioned from fur, a number of hat types, and plastic apparel like ponchos.

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If her request is granted, Giberson will appear before a panel of U.S. trade representatives in Washington. Based on testimony from Giberson and others, the panel will determine whether this 10 percent increase on the foreign purchase price of the affected goods will be enforced.

This $200 billion in proposed tariffs is in addition to $34 billion already levied this month on Chinese goods, mostly industrial imports. The proposed tariffs could take effect as early as September. If they do, consumers can expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars more to upwards of $30 more on their favorite tote, cross-body bag, or clutch as designer brands pass along the added importing costs to shoppers.

Read more about Karen Giberson and the proposed tariffs in The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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