Media-Based Startup Creates App to Make Ordering Dietary-Specific Meals Easier


Dineable, a Media-based startup, aims to make ordering dietary-specific meals easier through an app that allows guests to share their dietary restrictions with a restaurant in advance, writes Kenneth Hilario for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

With Uber or Airbnb, a person can easily ask a stranger for a room or a ride, but often with food, people still have to waste time explaining their diets.

“Dineable takes that conversation off the table and puts it on the smartphone, in advance,” said co-founder and CEO Mark Surkin.

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Dineable – which operates out of the business incubator HeadRoom, courtesy of the Delaware County Edge Accelerator program – recently generated $170,000 in funding from a friends and family round. The founders hope to reach a total of $350,000 from another round next year, with further rounds planned for the future.

According to Stephen Andriole, a business professor at Villanova, the app is also potentially attractive to a company like OpenTable, and others outside of the restaurant industry.

“There are any number of potential partners across the dietary, dining, entertainment, grocery, healthcare, and fitness industries that could be natural partners with Dineable,” he said.

Read more about Dineable in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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