Cousins, Musicians from Darby Start Fashion Brand

Solomon Zeon, left, and Peace Kumeh.

In addition to being accomplished musicians, Darby cousins Solomon Zeon and Peace Kumeh have started their own fashion brand, The Royal Family, to complement their careers, writes Kevin Tustin for the Daily Times.

“We always loved and marketed more than just music with our brand. We just don’t want be known as musicians, we want to be known as a business,” said Zeon.

The cousins, who emigrated from Liberia as children in the 1990s, have been making “hip-pop” music for years. Their journey into fashion started in July this year, when they created their first shirt and shoes. To their surprise, the demand was so great that they initially had trouble keeping up with the orders.

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Since then, The Royal Family product line has continued to grow. Next month will see the debut of the line’s fourth shoe, called Royal Eclipse, which has clean lines with bold contrasts of black, white, and in some cases red.

Kumeh and Zeon got their inspiration from successful businessmen like Jay-Z and Diddy, who have established careers in both music and fashion.

“We look at them and not necessarily what they’ve done, but what they could have done differently,” said Kumeh.

Read more about the pair’s new fashion brand in the Daily Times by clicking here.

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