Chamber of Commerce Touts Delco’s State-Leading Workforce Growth

Delaware County led all other counties in the state in workforce growth, thanks in large part to the energy industry and Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. Aerial view of Marcus Hook via Sunoco Logistics.

No other county in Pennsylvania is creating more job growth than Delaware County, and the local Chamber of Commerce is thanking the resurgent energy business for much of that action.

Led by investments in energy infrastructure and the revitalization of the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, Delaware County grew its workforce by 4.71 percent based on the latest data, from 2014 to 2015, according to a Daily Times column by Delaware County Chamber of Commerce President Trish McFarland.

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“The numbers have spoken,” she wrote. “The industry shifts occurring in Delaware County and across Pennsylvania are good omens for Pennsylvanian families — and continue to head in the right direction.”

The impact of the Mariner East pipeline project alone translates to 30,000 direct and indirect construction jobs and more than 300 permanent jobs across the state.

“These jobs mean more than just steady employment for our local workforce; they provide a means for providing for our families and our communities,” McFarland wrote.

Read more about Delaware County’s state-leading workforce growth in the Daily Times here.

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