Fortune: Newtown Square’s SAP One of America’s Best Workplaces for Women


SAP, which has its U.S. headquarters in Newtown Square, is one of America’s best workplaces for women, writes Marielle Mondon for PhillyVoice.

The German-based technology company ranks 21st among the Best Workplaces for Women, according to Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work.

The rankings were determined using 50 metrics, including ethical leadership, respectful and fair workplace interactions, and benefits. The number and various positions of women in the company and their survey responses were also considered.

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Among SAP’s advantages are flexible hours, remote work options, and 29 days of PTO, including unlimited sick days, all of which is available after a full year of employment. SAP also offers its employees fully paid maternity and paternity leave of 60 days.

“We have made it our mission at SAP to build a culture that is inclusive of all, particularly during a time where headlines of discriminatory practices and glass ceilings are commonplace,” said Alicia Tillman, SAP’s chief marketing officer.

She said that everyone in the company is encouraged to take risks and approach problems in their unique way, “no matter our gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, or race.”

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