Morton Borough Wants Recognition in Potential School District Name Change


A simple addition to the name of the Springfield School District could potentially alleviate chronic confusion, embrace residents on the edge of the district, and enrich its reputation with the legacy of a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Talk of proposing a name change to the Springfield-Morton School District is currently circulating within Morton Borough Council, according to a Springfield Press report by Barbara Ormsby.

“Historically, just consider the name ‘Morton’ and how it represents our history. A name of critical importance to our commonwealth in joining the Revolution, a name with direct lineage to the founding of our nation itself,” said Morton Councilman Bob McGrath. “Consider everybody’s pride of place in this, the cradle of liberty.”

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The more practical goal of the name change would be to alleviate the confusion caused by the duplicate names of a township and school district in nearby Montgomery County. And adding Morton to the district name would certainly boost morale within that community.

“A school board, whose members are overwhelmingly Springfield residents, may not fully appreciate the importance of this one small act to the taxpayers and students of a town a tenth their size,” McGrath said. “Or of the gravity of the message that their failure to do so would be sending to our small, tight-knit community.”

Read more about the proposal in the Springfield Press here.

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