Where Does Your Dry Cleaner Rate in Terms of Quality, Price?

The Delaware Valley Consumers’ Checkbook has rated the Greater Philadelphia area’s dry cleaners based on their quality and price.

Finding a good dry cleaner can often be a time consuming and frustrating process that could also cost you a treasured outfit in the process, writes Kevin Brasler for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

To make the choice easier, Delaware Valley Consumers’ Checkbook has ranked around 200 dry cleaners in the Greater Philadelphia area. The ratings measure both quality and price, and highlights the ones that are the best value for money.

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Thankfully, most of the dry cleaners evaluated by Checkbook were rated “superior” by at least 90 percent of the surveyed customers.

The process examined areas such as whether the clothes were properly pressed and ready on time to checking that the staff could answer a range of questions. The survey took into account each location’s pricing, which varied significantly. For example, it turns out that the cost of dry cleaning a women’s cashmere overcoat can range from $1.99 to $30.

The survey also found that you do not have to overpay for the service to get quality work. In fact, there was almost no correlation between price and customer satisfaction, as shops charging less for the same item were just as likely to do a good job.

Read more about dry cleaning in the Delaware Valley in the Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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Top photo credit: Stephen Downes Vail’s via photopin (license)

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