New App Lets You Extend Parking Time in Radnor


untitledPanicked dashes back to your parked car to extend time on the meter might become a thing of the past in Radnor thanks to the mobile application Whoosh!, writes Linda Stein for Main Line Media News.

Radnor’s Board of Commissioners has approved an agreement with Parkeon to provide people with the option to download the app.

While downloading Whoosh! is free, using it to add time will incur a charge of $0.31.

Lt. Chris Flanagan noted that drivers can use the new app, but there is no obligation to do so.

People can still use the kiosk to park in the usual 10-hour, five-hour, or two-hour spaces, and he added that it is only possible to extend the parking time up to the maximum amount permitted for each space.

Read more about the new app from Main Line Media News by clicking here.

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