Senator Killion Pushes for Wine Sales at Beer Distributors During Glen Mills Press Conference


State Senator Tom Killion advocated for wine sales at beer distributors during a press conference in Glen Mills.

State Senator Tom Killion used the opportunity during a press conference on Tuesday at D&I Beverages in Glen Mills to reiterate his support for granting beer distributors the right to sell wine, writes Kevin Tustin for The Times Herald.

While Act 39 expanded wine sales to grocery stores last month, beer distributors are still only allowed to sell beer, a fact Killion is trying to change. Senate Bill 1359, which he is co-sponsoring, would expand the sale of up to four bottles of wine at grocery stores to the around 1,200 licensed beer distributors.

The owners of D&I Beverages, Steve Blaisse and Matt Christ, reached out to Killion last month to ask for help in getting their store, as well as all distributors in the state, a permit to sell wine.

“We were excluded from Act 39, and that was devastating for our business, because we get asked for wine every day,” said Blaisse. ”Then they went and passed a law to allow, essentially, our competition to sell it, but excluded us.”

Read more about the proposal in The Times Herald by clicking here.

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