Kristin Kaempf’s Design Team has 54 Wawa Apps Out There


A Wawa store with gas pumps.
Image via Wawa.
Kristin Kaempf leads an engineering team that has designed more than 54 Wawa apps to help with efficiency and to aid stores associates.

Wawa’s experiment with technology to boost efficiency and support store associates got the attention of Kristin Kaempf, an app developer from a small town in central Illinois, writes Abby Le Mosconi for 

Relocating to Philadelphia, she quickly discovered the region’s fascination with Wawas. After moving closer to Wawa’s headquarters near Media, she applied for a job with the company.

Eight years later, she is now the Wawa app development lead.

Kaempf and her team of engineers create custom, multi-platform internal apps for Wawa.

“When I came to Wawa, it was so much cooler [than my other dev jobs] because I could see my impact right away,” Kaempf said. “The work we do helps associates do their jobs better every day. That feels meaningful.”

The apps come directly from the needs of the associates, Kaempf said.  “They tell us what problems they need to be solved, and we build the solution.”

Kaempf and her team have come up with 54 apps so far, running the gambit from tracking vendor delays and changes in stock to answering associate questions, creating schedules for new stores and remodeling, and an app that tracks which stores are open during a storm or crisis.

Find out more about Kristin Kaempf’s role at Wawa at

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