A Doctor’s Work Is Never Done: From Riddle Hospital to Citizen’s Park

Steven Cohen before a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park
Image via Jose F. Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Steven Cohen before a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park

Steven Cohen started his day April 27 at Riddle Hospital in Media.

A high school baseball player had elbow pain. Cohen, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, came up with a treatment plan for the player.

It was a treatment plan not much different than any he’d prescribe if a member of the Philadelphia Phillies had similar difficulties, writes Abraham Gutman for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cohen happens to be the head team physician for the Philadelphia Phillies.

He was the one who told Phillie’s first baseman Rhys Hoskins that he had torn his ACL on March 23, a week before opening day.

He tracks every Phillies player’s health, travels with the team during playoffs, and makes sure either himself or another medical professional is at every game.

He’s also performed surgery on players when they are injured.

Cohen has been a fan of the team since he was a kid growing up in South Jersey. He’s worked with the Phillies professionally for over a decade.

He gets the best seat in the house at games but his attention is less on the game and more on the players.

“I’d love to enjoy the moment more,” he jokes, “But you’re working.”

Read more about Steven Cohen in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dr. Steven Cohen joins Dr. Michael Ciccotti and Dr. Marc Harwood to talk about being a sports team physician.

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