Let AI Pick Your Next Home. Wayne Firm Launches HomegeniusIQ

A couple looking at the white outline of a home.
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Homegenius Real Estate, a subsidiary of Radian Group in Wayne, has unveiled an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered home search portal to help homebuyers and sellers.

Through the portal, www.homegeniusrealestate.com, searchers get an “unprecedented level of property intelligence about active listings,” states a release.

The proprietary artificial intelligence uses image recognition and computer vision technology, analyzing real estate images to estimate room condition and property features.

Data from property photos can help determine a property’s value and substantially improve the home search process, the release states.

The portal can identify and assess more than 50 objects inside and outside of a home, along with finishes and materials that impact its value.

Users can also upload photos to search for properties that match their desired attributes. Homebuyers can upload photos illustrating what they’re looking for in a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or family room, which can be matched to a property in the real world.

Personal settings can be saved and applied to any neighborhood or market, instantly.

“Artificial intelligence is poised to truly transform the way home buyers and agents buy and sell homes, and homegeniusIQ is at the leading edge of the revolution,” said Eric Ray, senior executive vice president, chief digital officer, and co-head of homegenius.

Find out more homegeniusIQ at businesswire.com.

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