Brookhaven Shop Makes List of 8 Best Hoagies Not in Philadelphia

Some of the world's best food offerings at Phil and Jim's.
Image via Phil and Jim's
Some of the world's best food offerings at Phil and Jim's.

It’s been said many times but not often believed. The best hoagies and cheesesteaks don’t all come from Philly.

We know that because there’s a National Hoagie Day out there, even though different locales around the U.S. call their sandwich brand something else, writes Jen O’Mara for The Keystone.

Sandwiches built on long rolls filled with meats, cheeses, veggies, spreads, and dressings may be a “grinder” in New England, a “hero: in New York, a “Po’ boy” in Louisiana, and a “sub” everywhere else.

Here in Delaware County, we have no problem calling them hoagies and these sandwiches rival some of the best in Philadelphia.

For example, Phil & Jim’s in Brookhaven made The Keystone’s list of recommended hoagies outside the city limits.

It may be because Food Network Magazine has declared Phil & Jim’s the “Best Hoagie on Earth”.

That honor was bestowed on them in 2022 for is Italian Special hoagie: a footlong with hot capicola, Genoa salami, peppered ham, provolone, onions, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, oil, oregano, and sweet or hot peppers.

The Keystone went a step further, declaring Phil & Jim’s Cheese Whiz fries, “Best Side on Earth.”

See the entire list of hoagie favorites that are outside Philadelphia at The Keystone.

Comparing hoagies from Doc’s Deli in Lansdowne and Phil and Jim’s in Brookhaven.

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