20 Best Burgers in Philly Still Includes 1 From Delaware County

A Charlie's Hamburger hamburger
Image via Charlie's Hamburgers Facebook page
A Charlie's Hamburger hamburger

This Delaware County icon goes up against some pretty tough competition in Philadelphia but continues to be part of most top burger lists out there.

In this latest top 20 list of best burgers from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Charlie’s Hamburgers in Folsom still shines forth, writes Craig LaBan, Michael Klein and Henry Savage for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia has many great burgers, the three critics state, but the three admit they have some clear favorites, from off-menu secret burgers to patties that are old school, where burgers have been served for nearly 100 years.

That’s where Charlie’s comes in.

Charlie’s Hamburgers is a “Delco throwback to elemental slider comfort that dates back to 1935,” they write. 

It has been a reluctant holdout to the “in” burger of now, holding steady against the likes of truffle and crab-topped burgers.

“Their old-school griddle powers result in greasy, beefy little patties, all stacked up in crumbly burgers tucked inside their griddle-crisped buns,” they write.

The Bunny, Charlie’s, and Peg special combos survived the shop’s 2019 move from Kedron Avenue and maintain all of their charm.

Expect to spend about $3 to $7 for a hamburger at Charlie’s.

See the entire list of 20 recommended burgers in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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