David Feldman Runs a Successful Fight Empire From Broomall

Former UFC featherweight champion Chad Mendez in the arena, right, has transitioned to bare-knuckle fighting
Image via David Feldman
Former UFC featherweight champion Chad Mendez, right, has transitioned to bare-knuckle fighting

David Feldman runs the multi-million-dollar Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships from Broomall but it was a long and arduous path to get there, writes Joseph Santoliquito for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

It was Nov. 2, 2016. Cancer ate at his body. He only had $282 to his name and his new venture was rejected again.

Feldman seriously thought about ending it all but recalled the words of his father telling him he was not a quitter; and the persistence of his mother, a quadriplegic after being run over by a car.

It brought him back from the edge and led him to fulfill a vision that started eight years ago in Springfield.

Today, his fighting conglomerate hosts events throughout the world.

Feldman brought the sport to the U.S. after fighter Bobby Gunn talked about roving clans in Ireland who would brawl knuckles only for prize purses.

When the first event came to Arizona in 2011, it drew 700,000 views on a streaming network.

“I came off that show thinking this was unbelievable, with all of the attention it received,” Feldman said.

The first official BKFC event was on June 2, 2019.

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David Feldman talks about his upbringing and his father’s fighting and training background.

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