In Delco, Every Day Is Cheesesteak Day but the U.S. Celebrates March 24

Mike & Emma's Sandwich Shop has been making sandwiches old school in Folsom since 1931
Image via Mike & Emma's Sandwich Shop
Mike & Emma's Sandwich Shop has been making sandwiches old school in Folsom since 1931

Not that Delaware County needs much prompting but, just for the record, March 24 is National Cheesesteak Day

The cheesesteak is a 1930s creation that is constantly re-invented by innovative food connoisseurs. Known as a Philly thing, the sandwich has now worked its way around the world, writes Tom Ignudo for CBS Philly.

So to review, here’s where you can find some of the best cheesesteaks in Delaware County,

Delco Steaks is now in several locations but its original shop is in Broomall.

You’ll pay a little more, but you’ll be getting one of the best cheesesteaks in the area,

The meats and dairy are sourced from local Pennsylvania farms and the sandwich is a perfect balance of cheese, steak, and onions. The Cooper Sharp cheese is a must.

If you want your sandwich on a first-name basis, try Mike & Emma’s Sandwich Shop in Folsom. Four generations of family have been making sandwiches at this old school community-friendly shop since 1931.

And the cheesesteaks are made fresh right in front of you.

Walt’s Pizza & Grille in Clifton Heights, likewise, has been in business for a while, serving cheesesteaks with ribeye, filled with flavor and delivered extremely fast.

Read more about Delaware County’s cheesesteaks and National Cheesesteak Day at CBS Phillly.

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