Jim Pappas Ends 4-Year Mission Today With 1,000th Cheesesteak in Essington

Jim Pappas
Image via Tayler Bunge.
Jim Pappas.

Four years ago, he pledged to eat 1,000 cheesesteaks. Today, Jan. 13, Jim Pappas fulfills that pledge, writes Tayler Bunge for philly.eater.com.

Pappas, a Delaware County native, got into cheesesteaks big time after he lost his job in 2008. It was a bad year. He had been diagnosed with Leukemia and was going through a divorce.

Not surprisingly, Pappas wanted a new way to spend his days, so he asked friends and family where the best cheesesteaks were.

In 2018, Pappas and a friend started the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. The goal: Eat 1,000 cheesesteaks at 1,000 different restaurants in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

His reviews generated a dedicated fan base of thousands nationwide, complete with fan art and merchandise.

His favorite to date?  Scoring 96 out of 100, it’s the cheesesteak at Charlie’s Roast Pork on S. 3rd Street in Pennsport.

Today’s thousandth cheesesteak will be devoured at a party at the West End Boat Club in Essington.

 “You know why Philadelphians love cheesesteaks?” Pappas asked. “It’s the memories attached. ‘It’s my dad’s favorite place. Back of mom’s station wagon before the big game.’”

Next up?  His community will decide, but Pappas has no plans to quit his cheesesteak journey.

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